Intellectual Property Management - How do I protect my Intellectual Property?

Last updated:2017-01-03

All information that is exchanged through Innoget runs under a non-confidential basis.
Therefore, we recommend you to focus on explaining your expertise, knowhow and track records related to the Technology Call you want to submit your solution proposal, as well as the benefits they will get by incorporating your technology or know-how to their project, rather than describing details of any potential solution that has not been protected yet.

Furthermore, you will never be asked to reveal any confidential information nor provide any solution that is not protected at this point. You just have to provide non-confidential information. Then, after submitting your proposal, the posting company will evaluate it and directly connect with you.

This is where, if there were an interest, you would request to sign an NDA with the company to keep the conversation ongoing.

This cloud provides connections but does not intervene in any deal or transaction that is made after your proposal is being accepted.

For further information about the Terms & Conditions of this cloud, click here.

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