Technology Calls - Why should I post a Technology Call?

Last updated:2017-01-03

Posting Technology Calls is an effective way to scout for new technologies, products and solutions in the market, invite members to apply to your research and innovation funding opportunities and to connect with leading researchers, scientists, inventors, top research and development organizations and startups from all over the world that may have a solution to your innovation needs.

The posting process of a Technology Call is free and you will be able to post anonymous and non-anonymous Technology Calls under the following types of Technology Calls::

  • Specific Technical Innovations: Receive solution proposals to your specific, Technology Call from academia, experts, startups, innovators…
  • Game Changer Technologies and Ideas: Get ideas, new technologies and applications that have potential to impact the future of your products and markets.
  • Partners for Consortium: Connect with companies, research centers and consultants to build your consortium for an open funded call (e.g. H2020, NHI, etc.)
  • Ready to Market Technical Innovations and Products: Get innovative ready-to-market products and technologies.
  • Research Services and Capabilities: Connect with centers of excellence, laboratories, RTOs, etc.
  • Candidates fro Grants, Research Funding and Investment Programs: Get new innovations, startup projects and technology proposals that fit your Research Funding Programs, Grants and Venture Investment Opportunities

Furthermore, you can also use our Submission Agreement or upload your own one to protect your Intellectual Property Rights.

To know how to post a Technology Call, click here.

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