Technology Offers - How to post a Technology Offer?

Last updated:2017-01-03

Find below the basics to post your Technology Offer:

  • Log into the cloud and go to your Home page. In case you are not registered, go to the Home page and request access to move ahead.
  • Click Post a Technology Offer in the Home page
  • Type of Technology Offer: Select the type of Technology Offer you want to post
  • Name your Offer: Enter a self-explanatory title for your Technology: what it is and what it is for. Provide a concise statement of what you offer. Give both a technical description and its main market application.
  • Summary of your Offer: Explain as briefly and detailed as possible what your Technology Offer is about. Place special emphasis on those aspects that make it different and do not forget to mention the benefits it provides over other known technologies. You can give an overview about your offer and market applications as well as its main innovative aspects compared to existing solutions.
  • Attachments: Add pictures and other visuals to increase the visibility of your post. Upload visuals related to your posting and gain awareness while enhancing the description of your Technology Offer.
  • Detailed Description: A detailed description of your Offer leads to receive qualified contact requests from the industry.

    Add the information necessary to facilitate the understanding of your Technology Offer. The information provided in this section is key to capture the attention of the industry, investors and new technology partners. Use the pre-defined “Add” option buttons to complement the current status of your Technology Offer.

    You should focus on four main areas:
    • Technology Description: What it is and what is it used for? Why did you start developing this technology and what were the main drivers and objectives to achieve? Add references about technology production, processes and costs estimation when possible.
    • Specifications: Describe the technology’s technical specifications.
    • New and Innovative Aspects: Clearly explain the main advantages of its use.
    • Applications: What products and markets can get a competitive advantage by incorporating your technology?


  • Categorization: Giving a good categorization is key for your Technology Offer to be found by appropriate experts. Select at least 5 categories to go ahead.
  • Technology Presented by your Organization: Only the Organization name and logotype will be showed in the Technology Offer. E.g. Your Organization Name posted this Technology Offer
  • Publish: Once you fill out form, click Publish to submit your Technology Offer for posting or click Save to save the form as a draft and publish it later.

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