Technology Offers - Why should I post a Technology Offer?

Last updated:2017-01-03

Posting Technology Offers is the best way to promote your products, technologies, patents, services and research capabilities and knowhow among our industry and investors community, as they will directly contact if they are interested in what you are posting.

Find below the types of Technology Offers available for posting:

  • Patents for licensing: Including granted patents and patent applications.
  • Innovative Products and Technologies: Including commercially available innovative products and technologies.
  • Knowhow: Including knowhow submitted for a patent which was abandoned and research results for which no patent was filled.
  • Investment Opportunities in Startups and Spinoffs: You represent a Startup or Spinoff looking for funding and investors.
  • Research Services and Capabilities: Including laboratory facilities and equipment.

Note that we always provide direct connections between you and our community members and does not intervene in any transaction nor charge any success or fee on any deal that is made thanks to the connections provided.

To know how to post a Technology Offer, click here.

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